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Our vision is guided by the creating value in property and places. We design and conceptualize unique properties for the future that offer smart modern living experience for all. While building the contemporary homes using future designs, we accommodate all your present & future needs thereby delivering holistic home solutions

What we do

  • Great Home for Great Family

    Kitengela Heights offers great home for your great family. The apartments are spacious and can accommodate all your family members. Live with your family in a private and serene environment away from the hustle & bustle of Nairobi City.

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  • Amazing Interior Designs

    When it comes to your home, the interior design matters. That’s why Kitengela Heights have great interior finishes that reflect your personality and lifestyle leaving a lasting impression on your friends & visitors. Experience the future interior designs today and be the first!

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  • Absolute Stunner

    Kitengela Heights completely changes the picturesque of Kitengela suburb. It is a stunning apartment that makes a bold visual statement in Kitengela’s skyline. These executive apartments are built using unique architecture accompanied with elegant furnishes.

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Kitengela Heights are lovely 1 & 2 bedroom apartments located in a quiet residential area in the heart of Kitengela, Kajiado County. Each apartment has a large kitchen accentuated with stylish tiles, spacious lounge & dining area, airy master bedroom ensuite with a terrace and a large wardrobe, and a lobby with a fabulous layout. Also, each apartment has been allocated 2 parking bays in the basement.

The apartments are tastefully ornamented with an imaginative architectural sparkle that perfectly fits your trendy taste. Outside the perimeter wall is a beautiful landscape that matches these fine contemporary apartments. The location of Kitengela Heights couldn’t be better for someone who loves a tranquil environment. It’s just a few minutes away from Kitengela shopping Center where you can access all the services including but not limited to financial services and supermarkets for shopping.

Distinctive Building Features.
The apartments have an attractive building façade, a spacious lobby, and bedroom with a balcony offering a perfect view of the Kitengela skyline
Neighbourhood Amenities
Kitengela Heights is situated in a cool neighborhood with well maintained access roads, convenient shopping center, and just a few minutes to Nairobi National Park and Kitengela Game Conservation area
Private Outdoor Space
We know how much you value your private outdoor space and that’s why you will enjoy a quiet airy terrace with good views
Your security and safety will be well catered for wholly, giving you a peace of mind. The apartments have a perimeter boundary wall approximately 2.5 meters high and a security guard looking after the place 24 hrs. Also, the Kitengela Police Station located nearby reinforces the security measures that are already is in place

Kitengela Heights offers you great amenities that appeal to your lifestyle.
These amenities were designed with you in mind, making sure that you have the convenience that you need. They include:

  • 3 Phase power Supply
  • Uninterrupted water supply
  • Parking
  • Outdoor space

Amenities For Your Lifestyle

Enjoy Kitengela’s premier apartments with awesome amenities enhancing the quality of living.

These and many more amenities will make your stay easy and comfortable cherishing each moment.

When checking out an apartment, don’t just look at the square footage in each individual room. Look at how the space is used. Kitengela Heights is accentuated with a fabulous layout that ensures you set up your apartment freely with your preferred arrangement. Its features include:

One Bedroom Apartments Total Area: 74.4SQM
1.4 × 3.0 Fitted Kitchen
1.4 ×2.5 Two Terraces
4.4 × 5.7 Lounge
3.1 × 3.8 Bedroom, Ensuite
Dining Area
Built in Wardrobe

Two Bedroom Apartments Total Area: 108.3SQM
3.0 ×3.3, Kitchen
4.6 ×1.5, Terrace
2.3 × 1.9, Yard
4.6 ×3.3, Lounge & Dining
2.8 ×3.8, Master ensuite Bedroom
2.8 × 3.6 Bedroom 2, Ensuite
Built in Wardrobe

To make sure that you take pleasure in your stay at Kitengela Heights, we offer the following complimentary services:

  • Garbage collection
  • Good security

Kitengela Heights is located in the heart of Kitengela with an exceptional natural beauty and tranquility. The apartments are situated just few meters from the Nairobi-Namanga road thereby making them very accessible.

Kitengela is one of the fastest growing suburbs within Nairobi metropolis. It has witnessed rapid expansion with many buildings coming up in the suburb. The area has attracted many people looking to settle outside but close to Nairobi city; away from the daily commotion of the city.

Kitengela is ‘self contained’ as it hosts the major retailing brands, financial institutions, and recreational parks among others. Kitengela therefore is the next best alternative location offering a cool and relaxed environment.

You will be pleased with Kitengela Heights located in a nice residential suburb and has all the modern comforts. The terrace, on 2 sides of the apartment, is a fantastic and provides panoramic view of Kitengela. Come experience and enjoy a peaceful stay in Kitengela’s premier apartments

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